Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Clay Conference Pictures on Hold

Until Apple sends me my computer (which I have been trying to buy since Monday, Feb. 11), I can't show all of my Alabama Clay Conference photos. So I will show you what we found on our treasure hunt today. Miss Priss got a metal detector for Christmas. We took it out for its first real test today. You find a bunch of junk - but for all the foil candy wrappers, bottle caps, nails, and can tabs that you find...

...occasionally you find real treasure!
Yep, we came back a penny richer. But we didn't need the metal detector to find the real treasures:

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Update Coming Soon - I Hope!

I went to the Alabama Clay Conference this weekend, saw some friends, and had a good time - I even got some knitting done! I hope to post soon, but it will probably be Monday - too many tests and babies due and inlaws coming and my apprentice and her whole family visiting, and our group's event... Yep, probably Monday.