Saturday, September 30, 2006

Sock Wars Saga

I am very easily distracted. There are some things I can only knit when I am alone or everyone else is asleep. Apparently, the "Rib of Doom" is one of them.

From the time I started the sock, I didn't care much for the color. Or the yarn - it was a wool / acrylic blend that was light on the wool. And it seemed a little thicker than DK, but I got gauge on size 5's, so I thought it would be okay.

I cast on, knitted the leg, turned the heel, decreased through the gusset, and began down the foot.

Then I noticed an error in my rib pattern six rows back. No biggie, I'll rip and redo.

Then I noticed an error in my rib pattern before I turned the heel.

That was the proverbial straw. I went back to my stash, but saw nothing in DK weight. Then, behind a huge ball of red worsted - some blue peeking out! The blue was too heavy to use, but it reminded me that I had stash BEHIND what was visible!

I have now cast on with a lovely 100% merino wool, in a shade that I don't hate.

All is not lost with the other pair. I am working on socks for Christmas presents this year, and I think my MIL will like the color.

I can only describe the color as "country purple." I like purple, just not this purple.

By the time I ripped out to the first mistake (it's almost a whole row so I can't drop stitches) and reknit, I don't think it would take much longer to start over. So the purple sock is in the WIP pile, and I have cast on and done the K1P1 ribbing and am working on the leg in the "rib of doom" pattern. This is so much more pleasant to knit with! I'm happy with my decision.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Sock Wars Update

The niece won, for a while. I finished the bonnet, cast on for the first bootie, and fell asleep. I tried to work on the bootie the next morning, in between getting myself and Lorelei breakfast and getting ready to go visit, but in the process I got going in the wrong direction somehow, and gave it up. I took the bonnet. Maybe I can do the booties sometime soon.

I got the first sock mostly done yesterday. I am halfway down the foot. I threw it down in disgust when I saw a mistake in the "rib of doom" pattern about 6 rows back. I will have to rip back tonight and fix it.

I am in a dilemma about the length. The size on the chart we received looks wrong. My assassin emailed me for my foot length, I may have to do the same to my victim. I am finding conflicting information on the internet.

No pictures because I'm posting during a break at school. Pictures of completed socks to come (hopefully)!

Saturday, September 23, 2006


No, that's not me being a pirate. That's me freaking out.

I have a new neice (not as much advance knitting notice as one usually gets, since she was adopted and I tend to hold my breath until all papers are signed - not that I'm afraid of jinxing anything, just nervous) that came home late last night. I'm working on a bonnet and booties for her, and hoping to finish them tonight, since my in-laws will be here to visit them. Joe is sick, and Lorelei has been sick, so we aren't going. I hoped to send the knitted items in lieu of the visit.

I had been thinking that I could finish these (from Kristin Spurkland's Knits from the Heart and get right to work on the scarf I'm knitting for the Funky Scarf Swap (see button in sidebar, I'm in too much of a hurry to embed).

But I forgot about Sock Wars (button in sidebar). I got my mission today. I checked the forums, and my target is antsy, checking constantly for the pattern and not a peep from her since it was posted. I hope my assassin is not so aggressive, since I'm going to finish the bonnet and booties first.

Then the socks, then the scarf:

I may not have time to post for a few days...

Monday, September 18, 2006

Of Needles and a Scarf

I really like the Options needles. I also bought some of the (non-interchangeable) circular needles in smaller sizes than are available in the set, and I think the joins on the set are smoother than on the circular needles. The Options needles are much smoother / "faster" than the plastic Denise set, and I didn't have the problems that I had with the Boye set. I think the Boye set was aluminum and I constantly had one of two problems - either the needles would loosen and come off the cables, or, if I got them tight enough to prevent that, the bottom of the aluminum needle would flare out where the cable was screwed in and cause problems. Then I would have to get out a set of files, and thus began a vicious cycle.

Did I say that I really like the Options needles?

I have started the scarf for my funky scarf swap pal. I have started it (and ripped it out) six or seven times. I have never used yarn like this before, and am struggling to find a stitch pattern that shows it off to its best advantage. I'm now on the pattern I think I will use, but I may need to go up a needle size - I'm not sure that it's going to drape well enough at the size I'm at. The recommended needle size is US7 and I'm using US8's now.

See the flecks of gold on the yarn? I hope that it's "funky" enough. I hate to use only one color. I'll do one repeat of the pattern and see how it is going to drape. It's not like I haven't frogged it a bunch already. It holds up fine, though. Glad it's not mohair!

Thursday, September 14, 2006

KnitPicky - Resolved!

This morning, I added a hit counter to my blog. I also posted that I was disappointed that I had not gotten my KnitPicks order from Sept. 1 yet.

I didn't know that anyone (except a couple of local friends) ever even looked at my blog. But it must be so. Because while I was at school a lovely-sounding lady from KnitPicks left me a message letting me know approximately where my package was, and that the delay was partially caused by the weekend and holiday right after I placed my order. Maybe they're psychic. Anyhow, she was very reasonable and nice, and I appreciated the message. Once I realized that someone must have seen this and let them know, I immediately set out to amend my unnecessary griping and explain what has transpired since.

I think that part of my problem was that in the past I did not get the free shipping, which takes longer. I was spoiled by speedy orders. So I expected this one to be quicker than it was. Also, I think Lorelei and I both got up on the wrong side of the bed this morning, but that's no excuse.

Sorry I dogged KnitPicks online. Judging from the counter, only eight people saw it. I did get my shipment today, and am very pleased. And I can't wait to try the options needles!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Oooh, Icky!

Our new mantra: It's just dirt, it's just dirt, it's just dirt.

Yeah, right.

Here is some of the wool, courtesy of Mark (the sheep) and Mistress Signy (the Pelican):

We filled a kiddy pool with water & dish detergent. Believe it or not, this is with the worst bits picked out and the wool pushed gently under the water.

Megan squeezes out rinse water:

It's now outside drying.

We were closely supervised through the whole process:

That's all for now!

Fun Is Coming...

Fun is coming, and it's carried in six white plastic garbage bags:

Straight off the sheep. I only hope it was skirted. I was told two bags should be good and two bags might be unuseable. I guess the other two are somewhere in the middle.

Going to work on this today. Going to fill the kiddy pool now.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

To Do List

Both socks are done! Lush is on hold. I have a scarf to knit for the Funky Scarf Swap and one to knit for the Red Scarf Project. I have to spoil my SP9 pal (as soon as I find out who he or she is). And I will soon have someone to attack with a pair of socks! Links for all these are in the sidebar, I'm too lazy right now to embed them.

All this is on top of building and firing a wood-fueled salt kiln, making a bunch of sculptures, testing a bunch of glazes, reading a bunch of art history books, learning how to do relief printing, and working off an incomplete from last semester.

Oh, yeah. I also have a child around here somewhere that I need to spend time with. Not that my influence isn't felt. We went to the craft store with my MIL this past weekend. Lorelei picked out a ball of yarn as her goody. We passed a big table of coloring books. "Oooh, coloring books!" she said. I told her, "you can get a coloring book, but you have to put the yarn back." She dropped the book and headed for the checkout. Definitely my child.

Friday, September 01, 2006


I have started on my Lush scarf. I will need to buy another ball, at least. Probably two. I only have three and I know the Natalya Gauntlets will take close to two. Yep, better buy two more. If the store has any left.

I got all the way through the heel & the instep on sock #2 while waiting to be seen for a spider bite at the Dr. office. Four hours of waiting, being shuffled around, and filling out paperwork. I am now 2/3 of the way done with the foot. The end is in sight!

I started taking a Pilates class at school this week. I think I'm the oldest and biggest in there. It's free for students. Twice a week. Plus I've been using the recreation center equipment. I've lost between 18 - 21 lbs. depending on which scale I use.

I tell people I'm doing it to be healthy, but really I just want to knit myself a sweater without breaking the bank!