Sunday, December 31, 2006


Well, the hubby and Miss Priss are sick and in the bed asleep. Our lone New Year's Eve company has ditched us for a game of D&D. So I am upstairs on the computer.

Happy New Year's, everyone!


Oh, well. It could be worse - I could be sick, too!

------------Begin Knitting Content------------------

I did start calorimetry, though. I was smart and checked the knittyboard before I started it. It turns out everyone's seems to be coming out way too big, even when they get gauge. I went down two needle sizes and cast on 108 stitches instead of the recommended 120. I'm using Patons SWS - first time I've used it - and we'll see how it goes. I love how the yarn looks.

------------End Knitting Content--------------------

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

It's Been Busy

Tomorrow is our last day of traveling.

In gift news, I got 4 knitting books, a textile history book, and 10 packs of Rit dye!

More news later.

Happy Holidays!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

I've Never Done This Before

I didn't know it would take two days and three trips to the grocery store yesterday and two today.

The result is an aching back and lots of goodies!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Holiday Knitting

This is a blurry pic of completed Christmas knitting for this year. Clockwise, from top right, are Greta's socks, Oisie's fingerless mitts, Nana's fingerless mitts, and Nana's socks. I do have to go back and chain between the fingers on Oisie's because I had her try on Nana's and she didn't like that there was nothing between the fingers. I'll leave Nana's alone and if she wants chains I can go back and put some in.

Right now I'm trying to finish a scarf for Oisie's birthday (tomorrow). Better go!

Friday, December 15, 2006

We Now Return to Your Regularly Scheduled Knitting Content

I finished my second pair of Christmas present socks yesterday:

I think I like them better inside-out:

I also finished one of a pair of fingerless mitts, and am working on the second. Christmas knitting, full steam ahead!

Thursday, December 14, 2006


I am FINISHED for the semester! I am going to SIT ON MY BUTT and KNIT ALL DAY! soon as I clean up the kitchen and living room and do some laundry.

The firing of the wood kiln went very well, the salt worked and glazed the pieces. All in all, I was very happy. I also made pictures.

My honey (the one in charge of the wood):

Our friend Mike (the one in charge of the fire) raking out the embers:

We covered the chimney when we salted:

The fire is really looking for oxygen in this one:

Opening up (for anyone into ceramics, that's cones 8, 9, and 10 FLAT on the top shelf!):

What I turned in:

Now this blog can resume knitting content!

Friday, December 08, 2006

No Posting Right Now

...because I am in the middle of FINALS! Trying to get all this stuff done. And firing the wood-fueled salt kiln tomorrow morning through Sunday night. And turning lots of stuff in on Monday and Wendsday.

And then I'm done.

And that's a lot of ands.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

SP9 Goodies!

I have the best SP9 pal! Yesterday I got a great package.

Watching Lorelei open her goodie was almost as fun as opening mine:

She was thrilled with her snowman bag and her play-doh ornaments:

And I hit the jackpot:

In addition to the lovely handmade card, I got dark chocolate with almonds (gone already), a lovely smelling candle in a tin, a star full of gold bath gel, some birdie stitch markers, some wool to dye, and some lovely baby alpaca in a purple colorway. And One-Skein Wonders - I have already picked out several projects that I want to make.

Curse finals! Come on, Dec. 13!

Thank you, secret pal!

Friday, December 01, 2006

You Know You're a Redneck...

...when the people who own the property behind yours accidentally set your property on fire...

(after the fire dept. left)

...and one of the fire trucks gets stuck in the front yard (which is already full of about 15 volunteer firefighters' SUVs)...

...and the kids all have to get their picture made on a fire truck...

...and a backhoe has to come and pull the stuck fire truck out of your front yard.

Not to mention trying to put out small fires that kept popping up after the fire dept. left, the neighbor trying to put out 5' diameter fires WITH A WATERING CAN, calling the fire dept. AGAIN, and trying to walk your almost-eighty grandmother out of the woods when the flashlight dies and you get turned was a long Saturday at my mom's. The relatives from out-of-state got a show to remember.

I've been sick this week, so that's why I haven't posted.

In knitting content, I finally finished Mona's scarf!

Next, I plan to try to turn this:

...into something a little more 'attached' than this:

I also finished spinning & plying the black (red/blue) yarn. I have 350 yards. Yay!

Back to the schoolwork.