Monday, October 13, 2008

Uneven Spinning and Other Things

I finally plied and skeined (is that a word?) my Finn wool. I have about 750 yards of what (on average) is around a DK / sport weight. I think it's enough for Miss Priss a sweater. A very "handmade" looking sweater.

The color is more accurate in my last post - the lighter blue areas are really a light blue-green. I am still on a learning curve with the woolie winder - this is so loosely plied it is going to be like knitting with two energized singles. I am learning. I thought about running the whole thing again to make it more balanced, but I am too short on time (lazy).

Indiana was irritated that I wasn't out there to pet him.

I am also making progress on Miss Priss' dress, but I don't think I'll have time to get it finished before the wedding this Saturday.

Ignore the poor composition of the above photo. My lunch was on the stove and I was in a hurry. I have divided for the armholes and started on the right back. I measured it on her and it seems like it will be fine, which is good because I couldn't find a yarn locally that I could get gauge with and still have a nice fabric. I have too much going on this week to expect to finish it. But I can hope.

I haven't done anything much for my sculpture class, and it's past midterm. In order to work on my sculpture, I have to have a space to work. In order to have a space to work, I have to clean up my sunroom/studio. My life is one of those sliding puzzles - you know, the ones that have four columns across and four rows down and the sixteen spaces are filled with fifteen little tiles that you are supposed to slide around until you have a picture. I have to go through lots of steps before I can complete anything, it seems. Here is a small portion of my sunroom:

Scary, isn't it? I am only posting this because when I posted pictures of my sewing and weaving areas, my husband said, "that would be a lot more impressive if people knew what it looked like when you started." I like having clean places, but when facing deadlines and due dates, sometimes stuff gets spread out. And then it gets piled back in the room where it goes, but not put away (because that takes more time). I have to remember that if I would take the time to put things away, it would save me a lot of time later.

Okay, back to work!