Wednesday, May 16, 2007

I'm Back, at Least for a While

Well, I have graduated (yay!) and am out for the summer. So I have finally been able to play with this:
which I have been using to turn this:

into this:

Then, I have been using this (a wooden wheel, cup hook, and a dollhouse turning):

to make this:

... and I'm enjoying every minute of it. I am shooting for different skeins but similar colors, and trying to decide what I'll make of them. Right now, socks and gloves are what I'm thinking. I want to stripe with the different skeins. The wool is superwash Merino mill ends.
I also recently finished my first Moebius knitting (yes, I know that's missing some dots, but I'm lazy) with some blue-violet cashmere from SP9. Also working on some odd balls that I got on vacation last summer. I've made a short neck scarf out of one and am working on a hat out of another. And I'm working on a pair of cotton Tabi Socks. It's good to be out of school!


gwensmom said...

Hey congratulations on graduating! Woo hoo!

Did AL get midwives yet?

Astabeth said...

Nope, but we're gearing up for round 2. Watch for a new documentary - I'm about to begin work on it.

J.P. said...

Congrats on graduating! Good for you! (Now, if December will get here so that I can say the same thing!)

Emily said...

Hooray for graduation!! I also moved the AL blogger page when I moved my site. The new link is here: and the old one is currently redirecting to that page.