Saturday, May 16, 2009

Plexiglass Drypoint

I am planning on spending 6 weeks with my Art II class on printmaking next year. I wanted to create an intaglio lesson plan - we have a small, seldom used press. I had heard of using plexiglass for engraving, but didn't know if it would work well with water-based ink. I did a little playing around to try it, and it will be fine for high schoolers.

I've never done anything but collagraphs and relief printing, so this was new to me. I did a little doodle & some scribbles to see how it would work.

I added waterbased printing ink:

and scraped it into the cracks with a piece of plastic (an old driver's license):

Then I wiped off all the excess ink with old phone book pages:

My brand new press didn't work right, but I managed to get a semi-decent print - the only bad part is it's very light. Once I get my press fixed (or replaced) I will experiment a little more and see if I can get it darker. Maybe if I don't soak the paper. See how light it is?

It only bled in a couple of places, though. I should be able to tweak it to use in class.


monique said...

What tool did you use for the drypoint?

Astabeth said...

A drypoint needle that I got from Dick Blick for about $6.00.