Monday, November 30, 2009

Handspun & Handknit

We went to Gatlinburg last weekend, and Lorelei got to try out her mittens & hat. I wanted to make her something out of handspun, and she chose a blue/gray combination of some Louet that I had spun and chain plied:

I still need to make some I-cord to keep the mittens together, but she loved them:


Greet said...

Awww. I was a little girl whose mother knit for her, and I was really pleased about it.

(Except the time that my doubleknit hoodie with the wonderful handwarmer pocket vanished out of my things during talent show rehearsal...I felt guilty for *years*.)

Beautiful pics of her, too.

F. Lupis said...

Ok. I'm really sorry to post a meaningless comment like that, but i wandered from blog to blog to find a disctraction ( i'm a very young italian "poet", and it's very difficult to meet another italian in Blogspot) and i found your blog.
Simply...i really like that, and in my opinion it's very interesting.
Apologies for the balities, but i use to be frank ^-^

P.s Awesome photos ...she's soooooooo cute *---* ...i hope you will repay my visit, even my page is in italian you could get a quick look.