Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Swing of Things

Well, school is finally over for the summer and I have a week before I start teaching again (as long as everything goes as expected).  I have spent all of my free time organizing, trying to make my house something that I'm not ashamed for other people to see.  I started with the laundry room, which is also my closet.  One of the perks of living in a 100+ year old house is very little closet space.  Instead of ankle-deep in laundry (or deeper), like it used to be, it now looks like this:

That is all of my dresses, suits, skirts, pants, and SCA clothes.  No more dirty clothes on the floor!  The washer and dryer are here:

That is 'line dry' stuff on the small wheeled rack (I love it!), and everything else - tops, coats, sweaters, purses, shawls - is in the two closets and the small drawers below them.

Spare linens are in the top cubbies.

I have been able to keep the laundry room like this for about a month, so I hope it is permanent.  What I am really excited about is this:

It used to be the computer room (but now we use laptops and don't need the big desk, CD's, etc.  I have been calling it the weaving room or weaving studio.  Joe calls it (insert drumroll and in a deep voice, announce) "The Loom Room of Doom" - dum dum duuuuum.  

He built the shelves for me:

 and I have spent three days working on it and my sewing room (hopefully pics to come on that soon).  I hope to post more later!

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Beverly said...

I wish I was so productive! I love the loom room, and using the laundry room for closet space is very effecient!