Friday, August 01, 2008

A List

I have a lot of things that I want or need to do, and I hope that by putting them in a visible form it will encourage me to spend more time doing these things and less time 'piddling' and doing things I am not as interested in.  So, here goes:

Need to:
organize sunroom
make that tabletwoven belt
Bagatelle stuff
go through the box of Miss Priss' schoolwork from the past year
go through all the "what on earth is in this box?" boxes
finish Nana's socks

Want to:
do some dyeing of yarn
knit that Danish tie shawl
organize yarn / fiber stash
cataloge WIPs
add pictures to ravelry projects
make new garb
finish my quilts
get into the pottery studio
finish test knitting sock pattern

In my dreams:
post stash to ravelry
post knitting books to ravelry

I will edit this post as I think of more...

1 comment:

KnittingKnirvana said...

Making lists always helps me. Sometimes I add things I have done just so I can have the pleasure of crossing them off. :) And, putting it on your blog for the whole world is probably even more motivating!! :)