Friday, December 01, 2006

You Know You're a Redneck...

...when the people who own the property behind yours accidentally set your property on fire...

(after the fire dept. left)

...and one of the fire trucks gets stuck in the front yard (which is already full of about 15 volunteer firefighters' SUVs)...

...and the kids all have to get their picture made on a fire truck...

...and a backhoe has to come and pull the stuck fire truck out of your front yard.

Not to mention trying to put out small fires that kept popping up after the fire dept. left, the neighbor trying to put out 5' diameter fires WITH A WATERING CAN, calling the fire dept. AGAIN, and trying to walk your almost-eighty grandmother out of the woods when the flashlight dies and you get turned was a long Saturday at my mom's. The relatives from out-of-state got a show to remember.

I've been sick this week, so that's why I haven't posted.

In knitting content, I finally finished Mona's scarf!

Next, I plan to try to turn this:

...into something a little more 'attached' than this:

I also finished spinning & plying the black (red/blue) yarn. I have 350 yards. Yay!

Back to the schoolwork.

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