Wednesday, June 14, 2006

On My Way to Finished Objectdom

This is the rest of Mother's Day that I have finished. I have one more washcloth to go. My mom, my grandmother, Joe's mom, and his grandmother all got or will get the same gift. A felted bowl, a Mason Dison warshrag, and a bar of handmade (not by me) soap. My mom and grandmother got theirs on Mother's Day. I haven't seen any of Joe's folks, so I have to get them theirs when I see them.

I have a second skein of the brown yarn plied. I went to the once-a-month spinning meeting in Huntsville Monday night. It was pretty good. I met some nice (and funny!) people. One was knitting a MD warshrag.

I haven't started anything new, except for a leaf pattern scarf thingy from some wool that Ernie brought me back from Germany. It is a bright green cabled yarn that she thought was 100% wool, but it sure doesn't look/feel like it. It does say 'wolle' on it, though. But I don't know German, so that could mean 'yarn' for all I know. I really like it, and it's not a color I would have ever bought, so I consider that a bonus.

I haven't returned to the Sweater-From-You-Know-Where-With-the-Very-Bad-Instructions yet. Still debating on the sleeves. I need to find some quiet time where I'm going to be stuck somewhere for a while before I pick them back up.


RheLynn said...

Hi - love the twin felted bowls! We're located in Paris temporarily - but that should change within the year :o) Thanks for stopping by!

PS - If you let me take a look at that yarn label I might be able to translate it for you! wolle is wool and yarn is 'garn' - you'll see 'garn' on a lot of things from Dale of Norway too - Norwegian and German can be similar in some areas.

Dipsy said...

I really love the felted bowls you did, they're so unique and look so colorful indeed! Great dishcloth too!
If you need help with translating German into english, just drop me a line please, I'm a native German speaker:
Happy Knitting!

Yarn Collectors Anonymous said...

Love the bowls!! I guess I need to get with the program and felt something!! Your MD warshrag is really pretty too!! Love the colorful accent on white!!