Saturday, June 03, 2006

Wow, That Was Fast!

I love dyeing so much! It's almost impossible to screw up, because when you do, you can just dye over it. I began by mixing half the dye, two packs to about 16 oz. of water:

Once I started pouring, I saw the dyes were going to mix hopelessly, so I omitted the yellow. I mixed & used the second half of the Kook-Aid. I poured, wrapped in saran wrap, and microwaved. THINGS DID NOT GO LIKE THEY WERE SUPPOSED TO. First of all, there was way too much liquid, and the saran wrap didn't seem to hold any in. Actually, it didn't seem to hold the yarn in either. Maybe it was supposed to be 8 oz of water for four packs of Kool-Aid. Hmm.

The pink wasn't bright at all, and I gave up on the microwave:

Once I hung them up, though, they didn't look as bad. The pink even looked okay. I did make sure the water was clear before hanging them up so the dye didn't migrate any more.

I had a small bit of shetland wool that I used with the yellow. I thought maybe part of the problem with the first lot was the wool had too much water in it, so I took the lazy way out and didn't wet it first. It sucked up all the color without even microwaving, but I hung it in the sun to dry just to be safe.

The good thing about having the summer off? No one cares if I didn't wear gloves! My left hand is bright, dark red-violet on the inside, and the outside is kind of scary, too:

Here are my results:

Now I have a big mess to clean up!

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