Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Another Quickie

So, I am still working on the (late) present for my sil. My brother has suggested these. I had made a pair of these out of my lone skein of koigu, and he thought she might like some in black, maybe with a skull and crossbones on them somewhere.

The only black yarn I have is a bit thicker than the koigu. So I swatched, and figured out that instead of casting on 48 sts, I needed to co 32. Did the ribbing, felt fine when I stuck my hand in, and so I finished it.

I was using dpns, so it would have been a pain in the butt to measure again. Heh. The finished 'wrister' is very snug on my hand, and I have skinny hands.

I have two theories: either my gauge changed (doesn't look like it) or the thickness of the yarn causes the material to be thicker, and therefore have a smaller diameter on the inside even though I got gauge. Even though I don't think that would account for much, it might be enough. I like the second theory better.

I am knitting one according to the pattern (watch it be too big!) and am going to let her try each on and decide what she wants. I'll keep the other pair.

I promise, pictures of vacation yarn scores to come.

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