Thursday, August 17, 2006

Success! (Finally!)

Well, the third of the fingerless gloves fit my SIL. I had her try it on, and once she confirmed that there would be no fingers added, she proclaimed it "really cool." Whew! I'm glad she likes it. I am up to the gusset on the second one, and when it's done I can play around with my yoga socks and Lorelei's Fuzzy Wuzzy Hedgehog. I am stuck on the yoga socks. When going from a 1x1 rib over 66 sts. to a 3x1 rib, do I decrease two or increase two to get a multiple of 4 stitches? Or do I have a lone one stitch rib in the middle of all the three stitch ribs? Hmmm.

The hedgehog I am doing is in yarn Lorelei picked out - fuschia, turquoise, variegated, honestly, it looks like someone puked up a candy shop on this yarn. Adding in old fun fur left over from making a project for Ernie.

Back to the glove!

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