Friday, November 24, 2006

Finished Objects

Finished Project #1:

At left, with the recommended needles; at right, with what I will probably use for fingerless gloves:

And, what I am prouder of:

Lorelei's sweater is finally finished!

I didn't block it; I think it would have looked better if I did. I was happy with the seams, it was the first time I had done much mattress stitch.

And she seems to like it (thank goodness)!


Jen said...

Love the sweater!

A few posts back you suggested a knitting it to late to sign up?

Astabeth said...

No, I will post when I get it set up. I want it to start after the holidays when folks are done with their gift-knitting. Keep watching!

Miss Shine said...

Oh, that's a seriously funky sweater.

Dressing little girls in bright primary colours rather than insipid pastels = the best!