Sunday, November 12, 2006

Knitting Swap Idea

I have an idea for a knitting swap/contest. I would like to get any potential kinks out before I make it public (okay, so I know this is public, but only 5 people read it), so I'm posting it here to get feedback. If you know anyone who has hosted a swap, I'd love their feedback, too.


I love finding bargains when it comes to knitting. There is a warehouse store near me that occasionally gets in $25 - $30 knitting books and sells them for $4 - $7. I occasionally find vintage needles at rummage sales. And I sometimes find very nice yarn in the bargain bin and buy it, not knowing what I'll do with it.

I think that is why I find knitting swaps with a price limit fun. I'm on a tight budget, so I can only spend the limit. I don't want my spoilee to suffer, so I spend extra time and energy finding good bargains and creating special things to go in their package.

That is where I got the idea for the contest. Everyone gets a secret pal, and everyone is required to spend $XX (give or take $0.25) on their pal. No more, no less. Tax and shipping do not count. The contest is to be creative with your spending. You are allowed to make things for your pal, but if you purchase ANYTHING it will count toward your dollar amount.

You will have a month to assemble your package. You must include an itemized list of what you spent, and where the items that you didn't buy came from. Any pre-owned 'stash yarn' you send should be pet and smoke-free.

After all the packages have been received, the recipients can nominate their spoiler for prizes - either best package or most creative use of funds.


So, what do you (is anyone out there?) think? Do you think anyone would go for it? And what $ amount? I had originally thought $20, but the 12 year old said I should go for $10 to make it harder. But I pointed out, what if you find June Hemmons Hiatt's Principles of Knitting for $10? Then you wouldn't have anything else to spend (assuming you'd give it up). I guess you could sell it on eBay for $200 and REALLY have a nice goody bag to send... maybe she's right.

Input? Anyone??


Anonymous said...

I think it sounds fun. I'd go with the $20 amount. I think it'd be too hard at $10.

elizabeth said...

My initial thought was $25, so yes, $20 is good. I'm a bargain shopper too and what's kept me from participating in swaps so far is the packages I've seen on-line - I don't have $50 to spend! Maybe these folks don't spend that much, but from the looks of what they give/get, it appears that way. Too rich for my blood, unfortunately. But a smaller limit - I'm THERE! Keep me posted. :o)

Your Pal said...

I agree with the folks above. I think $20 would be difficult enough. What a fun idea!

BTW, have you figured out what you will use your silk and cashmere for?

Astabeth said...

Aaargh! I can't decide what to use them for. Like my honey said, I'll know when I see it. I am toying with the idea of longish fingerless gloves from the cashmere (I want to FEEL it!), and I definitely want to use a little of the silk for a pretty lacy headband (if I have any left over from when I DO make something with it). Maybe I should have a contest of some sort.

Thanks to everyone who responded - $20 it is!


Knitting Mama said...

This sounds like a fun idea - are you still allowing people into the swap? How do we sign up? :) Hi, I'm Robyn and I knit! (graphicdesignchick at hotmail dot com)