Monday, April 17, 2006

Knitting, of Course

I have decided to go with the (k1, k1 tbl, k1, k1 tbl, k1 all into same st, slide 4 sts over the last) popcorn. It's a little larger than the others, but I think it looks better and stands out more, and doesn't try to pop through to the back.

I am trying the scribble scarf from the Mason Dixon Knitting book. Black crochet cotton and a thicker knitted fuzzy copper yarn - I forget by who. Bernat, maybe? I tried it on size 15's but it didn't look right. I'm up to 19's now, largest I could find, and it still doesn't look right. What did they knit those on? The book picture shows scarves that look like they were knit on 3" dowel rod. The largest I could find at the craft store was 1". Hmmm...

I was hoping to have it done so I could wear it when I go to see them at Yarn Expressions, but it will have to be a WIP. Maybe I can have it done in time for the reception for the Student Art Exhibit Saturday night.

Also, after being inspired by some blog pictures, I have graphed a Celtic key pattern to try in fair isle. I have been wanting to do some for a while, since my trial project turned out okay. I have begun a hat, no swatching so who knows who it will fit. Black and purple wool ease - it was all I had upstairs in the bedroom and I didn't want to wake everyone up by going on a yarn hunt at midnight.

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