Friday, April 21, 2006

Links in Blogs

I'm on the Mason Dixon Knitting blog!

Reading other people's blogs can be time consuming. Not because of the reading, but because of the following of the links. Making Fiends ate a good bit of my time, Lorelei kept wanting to see "another one, Mommy!" I did manage to quit the games I've found before becoming addicted.

It can also get you in trouble - I joined Crafters' Choice so I can get a knitting books fix. I want to design some things over the summer!

Just to share in the linkfest: The Origami Boulder Company.

I have to stop reading blogs now, Joe said I can't go with him to the Bloomin' Festival on Sunday if my research paper and presentation (due Monday) aren't done. I'd better go figure out what I'm gonna write about. I know WHO, just not WHAT.

KC - I got three more rows done on my scribble lace scarf - I'd better get the paper done so I have knitting time before tomorrow night!

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