Thursday, May 25, 2006

Morning Blog

I think I have become addicted to posting. Or blogging. Or whatever. Anyhow, I took a break from the organizing when I ran across this:

When I found it, it was one ball (the back), a front, and two sleeves. Now all I have left to frog is the second sleeve. It is a thrift store sweater in a size that I couldn't wear. It is also a lambswool/angora blend. Very soft! But I think the angora content may be a little lower than when I started. I kept getting little tufts of soft white fuzzy stuff floating through the air as I wound up the balls. I don't mind doing it by hand when it's that soft.

I need to decide what I'll make out of it. Something warm and against the skin, I think.

I am going to check and see if the thin crochet cotton I posted a picture of yesterday would work as the bubble curtain from the Mason Dixon Knitting book. I need something to go over the window in my back door. I still want to be able to see out, but I would like to cover the fingerprints and smudges (Windex? What's that?) and the stickers. If that won't work, I think I'll go with Terri's suggestion and make placemats.

Back to the pit...


RheLynn said...

That looks like beautiful yarn - so great you can frog it out of that complicated stitch pattern! My 'unravelling' sweater project is still only halfway up one sleeve -- so difficult!

JoanM said...

That yarn looks so warm and fluffy. I love angora but it is way too dear. What a good idea to find some yarn pre loved

Astabeth said...

I didn't have much trouble with it - I had trouble with the first few I did until I realized I had to make sure all the seams & tags were totally out. It depends on how worn the sweater is, too. The underarms and neckbands seem to be the hardest.

But this one only cost me $0.25 because there was a sale that day. If I bought the yarn new, it would probably be at least $50.