Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Progress, Progress, Progress

I have made much progress in the yarn/fabric area downstairs. All of the furniture is where it goes, except for the loom, which is in the right room at least, and the loom's bench. I can see all of my yarn at a glance! I am debating whether or not to bag the wool to keep it safe. I will post pictures when I finish.

I also wound up some cotton. When I dyed the blue wool, the dyebath was not exhausted, so I threw in some crochet cotton still on the cardboard tube, hoping it would resist the dye in places. Well, it did:

One tube came out darker than the other, especially the half that was toward the outside. I wound them into balls today:

You can see how one is really dark on the outside and more varied on the inside. I don't know what I'll make with this - probably at least one headband, but then I don't know what. Maybe I'll try beading with it. Does anyone have any ideas? Is anyone reading this?

I think I need to wind some Sugar 'n Cream tightly onto a cardboard tube and throw it in a dyebath and see what happens. Hmmm...


Anonymous said...

I liked your dyed crochet cotton. What dye did you use? Would the yarn work for a lacy scarf or shawl? What about plying it with another yarn, silk thread or some handspun? I've been reading a book from the library titled THE ART of KNITTING:INSPIRATIONAL STITCHES,TEXTURES and SURFACES by francoise tellier-loumagne that has given me a few ideas to try. The book is mostly about machine knitting, but the photos are inspiring.
What happened to the celtic knotwork
cap - did your idea work?

Astabeth said...

I used RIT in the color Denim. I had dyed a couple of hanks of wool and wanted to use the leftover dye.

I haven't worked on the cap recently - it is on the back burner until I finish a couple of projects that I owe people. Hopefully I will get to it soon. Have to finish a pair of socks, a sweater, and a scarf first.

Which library did you use? I am in Decatur and their knitting books are few and outdated.