Monday, October 16, 2006


Three posts in one day! I really AM procrastinating!

The (dubious) Jacob wool I mentioned in the comments:

Also, my first stitch markers (do you think my Secret Pal will like them?):

I hope it's okay to post pictures of goodies for our spoilee on our blog. They'd only have to go through hundreds of blogs to find their spoiler, so I'm guessing it's okay.


tonni said...

Love the stitch markers... can't believe they are your first! Great job! I've been wondering myself about posting pics of things that will be going to my secret pal. Thinking about setting up another blog just for secret pal, but I don't know about keeping up with two blogs...

Anastasia said...

Just letting you know that I feel much better about myself after reading about your 40 UFOs! I probably have about that many, if I were to go and count the things I have the supplies for, but still, it makes me feel good to know I'm not the only one! Also, if you're talking about the Simple Stripes Fair Isle Socks from KnitPicks, I've made one so far, and it looks great! Good luck with all that yarn and wool!

Ashley said...

Love the stitch markers. My first definitely weren't that pretty.

I was always afraid to post things when I did SP8. Especially since I was given one name, then the hostess turned around and gave me someone else. The funny thing was I wasn't the only one who got more than one name. The new person I was spoiling was originally given my name and was keeping up on my blog even when she was given a new name. It make SP8 very scary.

Good luck with SP9!