Thursday, September 07, 2006

To Do List

Both socks are done! Lush is on hold. I have a scarf to knit for the Funky Scarf Swap and one to knit for the Red Scarf Project. I have to spoil my SP9 pal (as soon as I find out who he or she is). And I will soon have someone to attack with a pair of socks! Links for all these are in the sidebar, I'm too lazy right now to embed them.

All this is on top of building and firing a wood-fueled salt kiln, making a bunch of sculptures, testing a bunch of glazes, reading a bunch of art history books, learning how to do relief printing, and working off an incomplete from last semester.

Oh, yeah. I also have a child around here somewhere that I need to spend time with. Not that my influence isn't felt. We went to the craft store with my MIL this past weekend. Lorelei picked out a ball of yarn as her goody. We passed a big table of coloring books. "Oooh, coloring books!" she said. I told her, "you can get a coloring book, but you have to put the yarn back." She dropped the book and headed for the checkout. Definitely my child.

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