Thursday, September 14, 2006

KnitPicky - Resolved!

This morning, I added a hit counter to my blog. I also posted that I was disappointed that I had not gotten my KnitPicks order from Sept. 1 yet.

I didn't know that anyone (except a couple of local friends) ever even looked at my blog. But it must be so. Because while I was at school a lovely-sounding lady from KnitPicks left me a message letting me know approximately where my package was, and that the delay was partially caused by the weekend and holiday right after I placed my order. Maybe they're psychic. Anyhow, she was very reasonable and nice, and I appreciated the message. Once I realized that someone must have seen this and let them know, I immediately set out to amend my unnecessary griping and explain what has transpired since.

I think that part of my problem was that in the past I did not get the free shipping, which takes longer. I was spoiled by speedy orders. So I expected this one to be quicker than it was. Also, I think Lorelei and I both got up on the wrong side of the bed this morning, but that's no excuse.

Sorry I dogged KnitPicks online. Judging from the counter, only eight people saw it. I did get my shipment today, and am very pleased. And I can't wait to try the options needles!


morgan said...

I've heard that if you go with the "free shipping" option it takes a longer time (much longer in some cases) for the package to arrive. Which sucks. Since if you are spending the money they should want you to be knitting with their product and telling everyone about it. Just my thoughts. Hope you get it soon!

Pennie said...

ohh, I'm jealous you got the whole set of needles! Lucky you please post how you like them :)