Saturday, September 30, 2006

Sock Wars Saga

I am very easily distracted. There are some things I can only knit when I am alone or everyone else is asleep. Apparently, the "Rib of Doom" is one of them.

From the time I started the sock, I didn't care much for the color. Or the yarn - it was a wool / acrylic blend that was light on the wool. And it seemed a little thicker than DK, but I got gauge on size 5's, so I thought it would be okay.

I cast on, knitted the leg, turned the heel, decreased through the gusset, and began down the foot.

Then I noticed an error in my rib pattern six rows back. No biggie, I'll rip and redo.

Then I noticed an error in my rib pattern before I turned the heel.

That was the proverbial straw. I went back to my stash, but saw nothing in DK weight. Then, behind a huge ball of red worsted - some blue peeking out! The blue was too heavy to use, but it reminded me that I had stash BEHIND what was visible!

I have now cast on with a lovely 100% merino wool, in a shade that I don't hate.

All is not lost with the other pair. I am working on socks for Christmas presents this year, and I think my MIL will like the color.

I can only describe the color as "country purple." I like purple, just not this purple.

By the time I ripped out to the first mistake (it's almost a whole row so I can't drop stitches) and reknit, I don't think it would take much longer to start over. So the purple sock is in the WIP pile, and I have cast on and done the K1P1 ribbing and am working on the leg in the "rib of doom" pattern. This is so much more pleasant to knit with! I'm happy with my decision.

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Pennie said...

I like the color! Just surfing your blog . . . nice.